The Suburban Settlers team has lived, worked and played in the Bergen County area for many years. Our aim is to connect our clients with the most useful information specifically geared to their lifestyle; from schools and houses of worship to social groups and highly rated service professionals. We realize that every family situation is unique and we pride ourselves on being sensitive and discreet. We want to help make relocating less stressful and more enjoyable.

How does Suburban Settlers work?
The first step is to fill out our Inquiry Form. Once this is submitted, you will receive a phone call from one of our staff members. He or she will be walking you through the process, answering any questions you may have, helping to decide the services best suited to your family’s needs and determining the pricing of your personalized package. Upon agreeing to move forward, you will receive a secure link which will take you to your personal URL. There you will be asked to fill out our Questionnaire. Suburban Settlers will then put together a detailed plan for your family. Afterwards, we will arrange a meeting to go over the information compiled in your unique Family Plan.
Which towns in Bergen County does Suburban Settlers serve?

We currently provide information to our clients settling into the following towns in Bergen County.

Franklin Lakes
Glen Rock
Midland Park
Park Ridge
Saddle River
Upper Saddle River
Washington Township
Woodcliff Lake

What types of questions will you be asking?

We will be asking “general information” questions such as, names and ages of family members, where you are moving from and to? What are your hobbies? What are your favorite sports teams? Do you have pets? What are your grooming, health & fitness and restaurant preferences?

Our survey is also geared to asking the questions that will best assist us in finding things for your family. Some examples are - a place of worship, a local book club, community group meetings, your nearest library.

Do we have to answer all the questions on the survey?

No, only reply to the questions that pertain to your family’s needs, the ones you feel comfortable answering. But keep in mind, in order for us to formulate a comprehensive plan, Suburban Settlers will need as much information as you are willing to provide.

Can we start the process prior to moving to the new area?
Yes, in fact, that’s the best way! Then your family can “hit the ground running” upon your arrival with the information we have compiled for you in advance. Just imagine being aware of things like - schooling and commuting options, restaurants, doctors, activities for your children and/or household services…just to name a few.
How much time will your staff spend with our family?
We look forward to meeting you and spending time going over your Family Plan. We can meet “in person” at our office, at a mutually convenient location or via video chat (FaceTime /Skype). We will spend several hours making sure you are adjusting comfortably to your new surroundings.
What happens after we move into our new neighborhood?

We want you to feel as though you have a “friend” you can depend on. Relocating your family to an unfamiliar place may be daunting; our goal is to assist in making this transition as smooth and easy as possible!

We are just an email or phone call away.

How detailed will our "Family Plan" be?

Our survey is designed to cover most of your family’s needs. We hope to provide you with “the essentials”
and many extras! However, we will only be able to do this with the information you provide. So please be thorough and remember that you will also have an opportunity to “write in” special requests in the Comments space at the end of each section.

Will you be selling our personal information?
Absolutely not! We take privacy very seriously and would never sell any information we receive. It will only be used to help us assemble a detailed plan for your family.
What is the cost of your services?
Suburban Settlers charges different rates for our various packages. Part of our initial phone interview will be to help you determine what package would be right for you and your family.