Managing An Organized Move: Tips From Jenneen Ameres of Conquer Your Clutter

Moving can be downright stressful. There’s really no way around that, but it can be more tolerable and efficiently done says, Jenneen Ameres, professional organizer/owner of Conquer Your Clutter. Preparing for a move generally takes place over several months and everyone’s experience and needs vary. Here are some topline recommendations to make the process run smoother.

  • Set appropriate timeline for your move
  • Create a moving budget
  • Reach out to various contacts and request estimates for your move (moving companies, relocation company, professional organizer, cleaning service, etc.)

Let’s face it, we all would love to snap our fingers and magically have all of our belongings in their new space. Few of us enjoy the process of moving. Homes packed by a professional organizer, make the unpacking part of the move so much smoother. Speaking of unpacking, Conquer Your Clutter does that as well.

Now it is time to roll up your sleeves and begin the process of downsizing, purging, decluttering and packing prior to a move.

  • Order boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape in advance so you are prepared. Professional organizers can often suggest where to purchase boxes and such at affordable pricing.Don’t forget to check on your social media town-page for anyone who recently moved.  Neighbors in town are more than happy to pass along used boxes.
  • Start with the least-used areas of your home, such as the attic, basement, garage or maybe your dining room. Schedule time daily to sort, purge and pack.  This step will ease the overall process.
  • Donate, sell, recycle or give away unwanted items. That includes clothes, kitchen items, furniture, toys, decorative home goods, etc.  Remember, Marketplace on Facebook allows for items to be sold and picked up with ease at your doorstep.
  • Prioritize your packing and set up reasonable deadlines. Categorize your boxes and keep similar items in each box.
  • Designate one area of your home to stage boxes for the movers. Make sure each box is clearly labeled with the destination room in your new space.  In addition, label the contents of the box as well.
  • Hold on to any fragile/keepsake items or important documents that you want to move personally. Set aside in a different area than the boxes for the movers. Plan to move these items yourself on moving day for personal/safety reasons.
  • Overall, leave plenty of time to purge and pack. Enlist the help of friends and family or a personal organizer to help with the process of packing or unpacking.


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