To Relocate or Not to Relocate?

That is a very good question! Relocating employees is costly. According to the Worldwide ERC®, companies spend an average of sixteen million dollars in relocation costs each year. But is hiring a new employee locally any cheaper? Relocation expenses can add up quickly, but recruiting, training, and getting new employees up to speed often exceeds relocation costs in the long run, especially for key positions.

So your company decided to relocate an existing employee – now what? Most employers will focus on―and have most experience dealing with―compensation and moving expenses. Despite being a major consideration, money is only one part of the equation. The human element and emotional impact the move will have on an employee’s family is a heavy counterweight. When it comes to tackling those challenges, relocation experts play an instrumental role in rounding out the decision-making process.

Suburban Settlers’ mission and vision is to ensure employees remain highly productive during a relocation, while making them feel supported and in control when it comes to their lives outside of work. We work seamlessly to represent your company, and collaborate with the employee’s family to smooth out any wrinkles in the process.

Here are three important services we provide to ensure a highly regarded candidate will remain highly productive after a move:

  1. Pre-Move counseling

Knowing what you’re getting into is half the battle. People are creatures of habit and, though new adventures can be exciting to think about, routines remain very important. Transferees with families have to consider their spouse’s career and also the quality of education for their children. In the digital age, it is easier than ever to get information on communities, schools, crime rates, neighborhoods, etc. But how accurate is it? Suburban Settlers acts a local guide, answering questions candidly and matching families to communities that will fit their needs and wants. This can make a huge difference in someone’s comfort level with a move.

  1. Destination Assistance: Interest-Based Research and Customized Plan

Suburban Settlers conducts a thorough survey of the employee’s current activities, interests and what they are looking for as their ideal destination. Does the employee like gardening, reading and cycling? We will find the communities with the best garden centers, local libraries and even make personal introductions to other cyclists in a customized lifestyle plan. We tackle the human element for you, so you can focus on the logistics. We also have real estate experts on our team to assist in finding a new home in the employee’s preferred community.

  1. Post-move support

Moving is stressful! Thinking about it vs. actually doing it are two entirely different things. Once the move has happened, our local experts will be there every step of the way to provide moral support and even help unpack and setup the new home! Sometimes a cup of coffee and a listening ear can overcome many challenges. Knowing all the good local handymen or painters also helps.


Making a big life change is pretty scary. But know what is scarier? Regret.

Zig Ziglar


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