When you move your home, there are untold aspects of your life that are impacted.  Our mission at Suburban Settlers is to help minimize the stress and difficulties.

We invite you to take advantage of our experience in assisting people like you with their moves.  That's what this Blog is all about!

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To Relocate or Not to Relocate?

That is a very good question! Relocating employees is costly. According to the Worldwide ERC®, companies spend an average of sixteen million dollars in relocation...
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Transferring Foreign Personnel to the U.S. and Obtaining Visas for Their Families: a Q & A with Filomena Lepore, of Lepore Taylor Fox

For HR professionals, moving key employees to the U.S. from overseas can be complicated. Sometimes employees come on their own and even then, it’s complicated. ...
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Managing An Organized Move: Tips From Jenneen Ameres of Conquer Your Clutter

Moving can be downright stressful. There's really no way around that, but it can be more tolerable and efficiently done says, Jenneen Ameres, professional organizer/owner...
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Meet one of our Local Guides, Sue Tarelli

What led you to become part of the Suburban Settlers team? I am a stay at home mom and was interested in returning to work...
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Packing and Storing Tips from our friends at Westy Self Storage

Making a big move can be filled with new and unique challenges. Here are some things to consider to make packing and storing your items...
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A Conversation With Suburban Settlers Chief Operating Officer, Susan Wachter

What led you to become part of the Suburban Settlers team?  After a long and happy career in the advertising/media industry, I had just begun...
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A White Glove Service that Works with Relocation Companies

Executive Recruiters and Global Mobility Specialists are often faced with the challenge of getting prime candidates to move from overseas or somewhere else in the...
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Suburban Settlers is Changing the Employee Relocation Experience

Approximately seven million people in the US relocate each year because of work, which means a lot of employees and families are dealing with the...
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Tips for Helping Your Kids Move Into a New Home

Preparing to move into a new home or apartment for many people involves sorting and organizing belongings, packing boxes, the physical move itself and then...
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